• New Embedded Range Hood
  • New Embedded Range Hood

800Pa Max static pressure
BLDC inverter motor
Super carbon filter
Slider control
Could be embedded to the cabinet

● Quiet, reduce noise level to 42dB with silent ball bearing.<br />
● Durable, advanced fully enclosed motor with new copper cooling system. Last forever. ● Eco, save up to 30% of energy consumption with highly efficient operation.<br />
● Strong instant suction with double static pressure. ● Double static pressure.<br />
● Enhanced negative pressure zone.<br />
● Hignly effective smoke gathering canopy design. ● APPRO technology from US<br />
● Industrial standard activated carbon oil filter<br />
● Three-layers filtration<br />
● Multilayers fold-up design <br />
● Clean up harmful VOCs of different molecular sizes<br />
● Powerful motor with double static pressure ● Improving efficiency with double static and enhanced negative pressure zone.<br />
● Air purifying module ● Oil separation rate up to 99.3% with industrial standard activated carbon oil filter

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxDxH) 895x510x560~880(mm)
Maximum Air Flow Rate(IEC61591) 1020m³/hr
Noise Level ≤ 56dB(A)
Maximum Static Pressure 800Pa
Motor Power 200w
Grease Separation Rate ≥ 92% , ≥99%(recycle)
Net Weight of Unit 26.7kg


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