• Robam Dishwasher
  • Robam Dishwasher
  • Robam Dishwasher
  • Robam Dishwasher

Votex strong washing
6+7 Intelligent washing programs(6 modes+ 7 functions)
Whole-course sterilization
Triple drying
6-Hour automatic ventilation
14 Settings capacity


Designed to complement any modern kitchen, the Robam W652 is a sleek and contemporary stainless steel built in dishwasher which runs at an ultra-quiet 47dB.
Offering powerful cleaning from a BLDC motor in a compact space, the dishwasher’s built in vortex spray arms offer effective 360 degree cleaning, directing water jets at high speed and high pressure to remove even stubborn oil, grease and dirt from your tableware.
The dishwasher machine uses high temperatures of up to 70 degrees C for its hot water rinse (much hotter than human dish washers can withstand), and it sterilizes as it hygienically cleans, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.



The dishwasher’s built in vortex arms with powerful hydraulic pressure holes provide high speed and high pressure sprays around a full 360 degrees.
Reaching just 47dB, this ultra quietstainless steel built in dishwasher can run almost unnoticed, and its large capacity storage racks can hold 15 place settings.
We gave our dishwasher a built in child lock, along with overflow, leakage, and heater protection to provide complete peace of mind.
The 24-inch dishwasher’s built in design is more space saving than a countertop dishwasher.
Features 30 min quick wash function along with an eco-friendly half load.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxHxD) 23.9x33.7x26.5(24.5)(in.)
Power Rating 1900w
Capacity 14 Place settings
Current 8.4(A)
Energy Consumption 6tars


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