• Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven

Grill with steam,makes it crispy and tender
5℉ Fine control
150° Powerful steaming
Fermentation、sterilization、defrost and descaling function
3D Cooking system
50 Customized recipes
3-Layer glass door with 2 layers of low-E-glass
Electric external water tank
304# S/Steel inner cavity

762 (1) 762 (2) 762 (3) 762 (4) 762 (5) 762 (6) 762 (7) 762 (8) 762 (9) 762 (10) 762 (11) 762 (12) 762 (13) 762 (14) 762 (15) 762 (16) 762 (17) 762 (18)
Steaming and roasting
satisfy different cooking tastes
Built-in combi steam oven CQ760
1.Main functions:
Steam roasting
2.Core highlights:
①Redefine roasting space
48Lperfect capacity
Meets all the cooking needs
②Easily finish professional cooking
13 cooking modes
③One-button brings chef level feast
50 automatic cooking menus
④Enjoy excellent taste
4 + 1 multi-dimensional roasting tubes
⑤Intelligent humanized design
External electric water tank
⑥Solve cleaning trouble
Easy-clean heat resisting back plate
3.Detailed information:
1)48L perfect capacity
Meets all the cooking needs
2)13 combi steam modes stimulate your cooking desire
Both crispy and tender
3)3-level steam roasting modes, prevent food too dry or too rigid
Roast with low steam Roast with medium steam Roast with high steam
Crispy outside and tender inside Tender and delicious Tender and juicy
4)3 pure steam modes different temperatures for different ingredients
High temperature steam Nutrition steaming
Easily steam food with bones Delicious and tender with nutrition
5)8 pure roast modes discover more baking fun
fast heating baking bottom heating fan roasting fried baking intense barbecue
air roasting barbecue
Roast as you wish
6)50 customized recipes
Easy to learn new hand can succeed in one time
The 50 automatic recipes have been tested repeatedly by the ROBAM laboratory. Just follow the menu, a new hand can also make delicious food.
7)5 auxiliary modes
practical and convenient

Easily make bread
High temperature steam sterilization
Bottles and cutlery can be sterilized at one time
③Heat preservation
No reheating required
Enjoy hot meals in time
Rapid defrost at constant temperature of 140F°
Keep fresh taste
Remind cleaning automatically
One button descaling more convenient

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxHxD) 760×455×550(mm)
Full installation(WxHxD) 765x460x595(mm)
Semi-installation(WxHxD) 725×450×580(mm)
Power Rating 3000w
Capacity 48L
Net Weight 32.5kg


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