• Dual Fuel Range
  • Dual Fuel Range
  • Dual Fuel Range
  • Dual Fuel Range

● 18000BTU Super fire for stir-frying
● Upper convex water tray and full seamless panel makes it easy to clean
● 4D Multi-dimensional baking makes food delicious
● High-temperature self-cleaning at 847℉
● Precise temperature control
● 4 Layers of insulating glass
● Child lock


Technical Parameter

CapacityCu.ft) 5.0
Rated Whole Machine input power 4800W
Rated voltage 240V/60Hz
Net Weight 112KG
dimensions 29.9(inch)*25(inch)*35.4(inch)
Heating 11000(BTU),18000(BTU),6000(BTU),3500(BTU),6000(BTU)
Cooktop Size(Inch) 29.9(Inch)*25(Inch)
Oven Size(Inch) 29.9(inch)*23.5(inch)*28.4(inch)


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